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July 2, 2008
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MPreg Meme: Ben 10 - XI by TavalyaRa MPreg Meme: Ben 10 - XI by TavalyaRa
Nobody really asked me to do "Ben 10" for my meme (well, it did get a few votes)- I just felt like doing it for this fandom. And as my dear friend Duae said, it's my damn meme. I can do what I want.

Filled out for my fic "Xenobiological Inheritance". Notes on specific panels:

1. Everyone I draw looks like a girl. Okay? I can't help it. Even though Ben has a beard, he still looks like a girl.

2. Not necessarily the best picture of Kevin, but I think I nicely captured the crazy in his eyes.

3. As will be explained very early in XI, Kinecelerans- XLR8's species- are hermaphodites. Ben gets knocked up as XLR8 when his tail locks with Kevin's. This activates "blue mode" and the Omnitrix modifies Ben's human body to support the pregnancy. (Now, here's something to contemplate and make your brain pop: Kenny was a Kineceleran at conception. So... is he supposed to be human or was he actually born as the wrong species?)

4. Yep, when Ben's first told he's pregnant, he laughs. What a stupid idea, obviously Gwendolyn and Max are joking- oh, crap.

5. Ben looks disgruntled here. I like this picture- it kinda makes my brain hurt.

6. Godawful drawing of Kevin, but at least the crazy was captured again. Kevin actually has no idea that Ben was ever pregnant- for now. (Eventually, he learns the truth and is insanely pleased by it.)

7. Kenny will pounce on any excuse to glomp Devlin. Okay, now let me address the burning protest concerning the one obvious reason Ben and Kevin can't be Kenny's parents. No, it's not that those stupid pop-up bubbles declared Kai (that evil bitch) to be Kenny's mother. It's this: Ben has light skin and Kevin is even paler. How could either of them have contributed the gene for Kenny's bronze complexion? Ah, Tavalya Ra has the answer: the Omnitrix sometimes glitches when encoding the DNA of carried offspring during transformations. When Ben transformed during pregnancy, Kenny was transformed within the womb as well (rather like Vlad and Danny with their children in the Crack). During one of the transformations, the Omnitrix messed up Kenny's skin color, resulting in the darker tone despite his parents' genotypes.

8. The problem with XI is that in writing it, I have two conflicting goals. One, I wanted a fic where Ben and Kevin spawn. Two, I wanted a story that brings Kenny and Devlin together and explores their relationship. Oops?

Xenobiological Inheritance archive: [link]
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Eh, I wrote a little (a very little), but never finished the longer stories. Basic premise, Richie and Virgil want a baby and were going to ask Virgil's sister to play surrogate... then they realized that somewhere along the way, if they involved doctors then someone was going to discover they were Bang Babies. Richie was certain he could handle the whole process himself, but Virgil said Sharon would never agree to this without trained medical professionals doing the work. So Richie, being a genius, found an alternate solution. YEAH.
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